Get Rid of Lead Paint the Right Way

Get Rid of Lead Paint the Right Way

We're licensed to provide lead paint abatement services in the Meridian, ID area

Lead paint was widely used in homes until 1978, when it was banned by the U.S. government. If your home was built before 1978, it's a good idea to schedule lead paint testing. O'Connor Building & Design, LLC offers this service to homeowners in Meridian, ID and the Treasure Valley area.

We can find out if there's lead paint...

  • On your window sills or stair railings
  • In the kids' bedrooms or play room
  • Underneath new paint

If we don't find lead paint in your home, you don't need to take action. However, if we do find lead paint, we can provide lead paint abatement services. Call 208-995-5383 now to schedule lead paint testing at your home in the Meridian, ID area.

Protect your loved ones from lead exposure

Lead paint abatement is the removal of all lead-based paint in your home. Our team is licensed by the EPA, so you can feel confident hiring us to eliminate this health risk from your home.